Temples of Kerala

According to some Hindu literature, there are more than 300 billion deities and almost every deity has a temple. Hindus believe that Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara are the three main Gods and all others are their incarnations. They incarnated to protect the their devotees and the land from devils. You can see ancient temples built by the thenrules of south India still maintained in its old structure. Malayalies day starts with a bath in the morning, a pryer in thetemple, church or mosque and an offering. It is impossible to mention here the names of all the hindu Gods and their temples, names of churches and mosques. However a few are listed here:

Sree Krishna Temple

Guruvayoor, where the famous Sree Krishna Temple is situated, is one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of kerala. The walls of the sanctum sanctorum are inlaid with exquisite mural paintings and carvings.

Sreerama Temple

The main idol of Sri Rama which is installed and worshipped at this temple s believed to have been originally worshipped by Sri.Krishna at Dwaraka in Sowrashtra coast. When Dwaraka was submerged, the idol of Sri Rama was lying in the sea bed along with the further idols of Lakshmana, Bharata and shaturghna.

Vinayaka Temple

Pazavangadi Temple in Trivandrum. Whether it is a festival, inauguration or ceremony it begins with an offering to Lord Vinayaka. It is believed that He protects the function from 'vignas' (obstruction).

Siva Temples

Vaikom, Kaduthuruthy and Ettumanoor in Kottayam district. Parasurama, the mythical founder of Kerala, is said to have built a temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva. The twelve-day festival of the temple falls in November-December, and is celebrated with classical dance and music performances.

Hanuman Temples

Alathiyur Hanuman Temple, Malappuram (12 km from Tirur). One of the famous Hanuman Temples in Kerala and also dedicated to Sree Rama and Baratha.

Ayyappa Temples

Sabarimala - This shrine located in side dense forest is opened for prayer and worship on every 1st day of the Malayalam month. November, December and January are the important months for festivals.

Muruga Temples

Poomkavanam Lord Murugan Temple at Erumely, Kerala, is the sacred abode of Lord Murugan. This place has got significant relationship with the history of Sabarimala Temple.

Naga Temple

Snake Temple - The word Sarpa Kaavu - meaning 'Abode of the snake' is a common phrase in Kerala. Mannaarsaala, near Haripad, near Trivandrum is one such center of snake worship.

Bhagavathy Temples

Chottanikkara temple, located near Ernakulam enshrines Bhagawati - the mother Goddess, one of the most popular deities in Kerala. Enroute is the Poornatrayesa temple at Tripunittura. The Devi is worshipped along with Lord Vishnu.

Cultural Kerala

Cultural Kerala