Churches In Kerala

Kerala is a land of religious harmony where Hindus, Christians, Muslims and other religions live together as a role model to the other states. The churches in Kerala really differ from other churches in India with respect to their style and architecture of their construction. The churches of Kerala are mainly classified into three main groups. They are 1) Roman Catholic Church 2) Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and 3) Protestants. Of these Malankara church is the oldest church and it has some of the oldest churches in the world. Roman catholic church also has some of the oldest churches with them. Many of these churches has turned into famous pilgrimage centers.

Malayatoor Church

Malayatoor ChurchThis church which is dedicated to St.Thomas the Apostle for India, is one of the most famous Church in Kerala and is situated about 20 kms from Cochin International airport. The main festival of this church is conducted on the first Sunday after Easter. The holy shrine at Malayatoor attracts devotees in very large numbers not only from Kerala but also from its neighbouring states. This famous Malayatoor church is situated at Kurisumudi, a verdant hill in the Western Ghats girdled partially by the river Periyar. The Church has a statue of St. Thomas and the imprint of the feet of the Apostle on a rock. The shrine has now been accorded an international pilgrimage station.

Manarkad Church

Manarkad ChurchManarcad is a small town just 10 kms away from Kottayam. Manarcad is famous for the St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church, which is one of the major pilgrimage destination for the Christians in Kerala. The is famous for the Manarcaud perunnal or Manarcaud feast which is held annually from September 1-8. This feast is also known as "Ettunombu Perunnal" and the pilgrims observe fast and stay in the church from morning till night during these days. The Manarcaud church has a holy tank and a golden cross, which are considered sacred by the devotees. There is a huge procession on the last three days of the fast and are held with golden crosses and accompanied by thousands of devotees holding muthukkudas(highly embellished silken parasols).

Parumala Church

Parumala ChurchParumala Church is one of the major pilgrimage center in Kerala. The St.Peter's and St. Paul's Orthodox Church attracts a lots of belivers throughout the year irrespective of cast and creed. Parumala Church contains the tomb of Mor Gregorios Geevarghese Chathuruthil (Parumala Kochu Thirumeni), the only declared saint of Malankara. The Church is situated on the banks of river Pampa in Mannar. Mannar is a beautiful village in Pathanamthitta district and is 13 kms away from Thiruvalla. The annual commemorative feast (Ormapperunnal) celebrations at the Parumala Church is held on 1st and 2nd of November. Devotees from all over the state attended the special rites and prayers offered as part of the commemorative feast of the saint.

Puthupally Church

Puthupally ChurchPuthupally Church is famous for its rich traditions as well as wealth. The main MADBAHA (sanctum sanctorum) is a treat for your eyes, with its beautiful wall paintings and ornamental decorations. The main Madbaha is in the name of St.George and the other two Thronose on the left and right are in the names of St.Mary and St.Behanan respectively. The unique Golden Cross weighting around 450 sovereigns is a proud possession of the church and is kept under lock and key during most of the year. this Golden Cross is taken out only once in a year, that is during the perunnal and placed in the main Thronose for veneration by the devotees.

Edappally Church

Edappally ChurchSt.George's Forane Church at Edappally which was founded in 593 AD is considered to be one of oldest church in Kerala after the seven churches which was founded by St.Thomas. Edappally Church is one of the most famous one in Kochi. There is a popular celebration at this famous church. The event celebrated annually begins on 23rd April. The 'Forty hour devotion' marks the commencement of the festival. The Church at Edappally is one of the major pilgrim centres in Kerala where even non-Christians crowd for veneration. Even during the week- days devotees flocks to the church to genuflect before the statue of St. George to express their gratitude for favours received.

Edathua Church

Edathua ChurchSt.George's Church, Edathua is about 23 km southeast of Alappuzha town in the southern part of Kerala. Edathua church was established in 1810 and modelled on the medieval churches of Europe. This church is a massive shrine on the banks of the river Pamba. This church is famous for its annual feast which is held between April 27 to May 7 every year. During the feast, the statue of St.George is decked in gold and carried out in procession and placed on the dais at the centre of the Basilica. The feast is followed by the dazzling firework displays. Devotees from all parts of Kerala irrespective of caste and creed, visit in great numbers to seek his blessing and enjoy the festival. The church ground is swarmed with vendors and stalls selling all kinds of things from food to utensils to jewellery. There is also cultural performances every evening.

Manjinikkara Church

Manjinikkara ChurchManjinikkara Church is situated atop a hillock in the beautiful village of Manjanikkara, near Omallur, Pathanamthitta District in South Kerala. The Manjinikkara Church and monastery was established by late Mor Yulius Elias Qoro, Patriarchal delegate to Malankara. On February 13th, 1932, the late Patriarch of East Mor Ignatius Elias III entered eternal rest and his remains are interred at the Manjinikkara monastery. Members of the Jacobite Syrian Church believe that the Holy Father was a Saint. The remains of late Mor Yulius Elias Qoro and Mor Yulius Yacoub, former Patriarchal delegates to Malankara are also interred in this church.The Manjanikkara Dayro is the seat of the Patriarchal Delegate to Malankara and the metropolitan of the Simhasana churches (churches administered directly by the Patriarchate of East (Antioch)). The Manjinikkara Church ( Manjinikkara Dayara) has now become one of the foremost places of pilgrimage in Kerala and among the Syrian Christians. A large number of pilgrims visit the church regularly to receive spiritual and physical healing and blessings.

Niranam Church

Niranam ChurchNiranam Valiapally (St. Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, Niranam), is an ancient Church of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. This church was founded by St. Thomas in AD 54. The present building was constructed in 1912 and was renovated during the year 2000. Niranam Church ( Niranam Pally ) has a rich history of being the symbol of Christianity in Kerala since its inception in AD 54 by St Thomas. This church is famous for it 8 days lent (Ettu Nombu) held on September 1- 8th every year and is attended by thousands of believers. Niranam Church is the mother Church of every churches nearby and also holds a lot of historical importance. This Church is situated only 7 kms away from Tiruvalla.

Arthungal Church

Arthungal ChurchArthungal Church which is known as St. Andrew's Forane Church is one of the most sacred churches in Kerala. Arthungal Church attracts a lots of devotees both Christians and non-Christians every year from all parts of the State. The feast of St. Sebastian is celebrated for eleven days in a year with all its glory. The church authorities also instituted another minor feast on the 8th day after the principal feast known as Ettamperunnal. Of late this feast (Ettamperunnal) also has attained as much importance as the principal feast.



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